New Investment: Robin

We all know the feeling.  We have an office conference room reserved, we go to that room to find someone in it, and then the awkward dance begins.  Do I go look for another space to be polite?  Are they really wrapping up the meeting?  Do I knock?  How senior is the person in there? Does it matter?  Should I do another walk by?  We now schedule over 25 million meetings a DAY, and this is a familiar refrain in nearly all of them.

Robin wants to change that. And, I’m very excited for FirstMark to lead the company’s Series A.

Robin is a better way to manage meeting rooms and office resources. It is software, a mobile app, and a tablet display (optional) outside rooms that syncs to your calendars in Google, Office 365, and Exchange. The platform then becomes a search engine for your office, enabling users to find and book rooms based on specific needs, remove no-show meetings automatically, and get reports on how the office is actually being used.  Think OpenTable for the office.

With its current customers – which include Netflix, Kayak, and Sonos – Robin auto-unbooks more than 25% of meetings per day!  This includes those troublesome recurring meetings that don’t happen most of the time.  More than 95% of meetings booked go through some change or adjustment.  The issue is not enough space, it’s connecting the right space with the right people at the right time.  The analytics behind the platform are fascinating and reveal an incredible opportunity to optimize the management of both facilities and people.

The current problem is the sharp tip of the spear that solves an issue many face and Robin elegantly solves.  If you have more than 10 conference rooms, you should be using Robin. But the product today is just a small step in the broader vision of the smart office.  The smart office tomorrow will have data emerging from all kinds of new platforms, equipment, furniture and services.  Robin can be the platform that ties all of that data together to drive automation and optimization — the OS for spaces.  It’s a vision that is non-obvious, but we believe can be huge.

It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know CEO Sam Dunn and his excellent team (they’re hiring) and I’m pumped for FirstMark to join Robin on a mission to overhaul office management for the better!

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